Brian Kokoruwe


When Mother Cried is an account of a young Nigerian boy, Brian O Kokoruwe. At the age of three months, his mother had no choice – due to her limited financial situation in the United Kingdom – but to put him on a plane from London to Lagos, to fly under the watchful eyes of the cabin crew.


My Father Tried follows on from When Mother Cried and is the second part of my autobiography. It gives a fascinating account of how at the age of 13, while in a Boarding School in Nigeria, I lost my hearing and the ability to walk, due to a meningitis infection. My father tried all he could to reverse my hearing loss and physical mobility issues. The journey so began….


Deaf Not Dumb Or Stupid is Part Three of Brian Kokoruwe’s autobiography. It follows on from Book Two, My Father Tried which is the sequel to When Mother Cried. Deaf Not Dumb Or Stupid, highlights the challenges that Brian faced after being transferred from Government College, Ughelli Nigeria, to Sedgehill Comprehensive School, London which had a Partially Hearing Unit (P. H.U.), but with his lectures mostly in the mainstream classroom. It shines a spotlight on the barriers that he faced and how mainstream tutors discouraged him from pursuing his Higher and Further Education dreams.



Brian Kokoruwe’s autobiography is a fantastic account of his early life. Under the watchful eye of the cabin crew, he was put on a plane from London to Lagos in Nigeria.

Jeremy Lefroy Member of Parliament for Stafford (UK)

It was a pleasure to meet local legend Brian Kokoruwe and to learn about the sequel to his first autobiography "When Mother Cried". As someone who is deaf in one ear, I struggle with digesting various forms of sounds, so I fully relate to the challenges that are highlighted in "My Father Tried',

Jonathan Gullis MP Conservative Member of Parliament for Stoke-on-Trent North UK

Brian has set out his own odyssey from the humble beginnings of his own mainstream education...I empathise with Brian's experience. I too had been educated in mainstream schools... I am honoured to be one of his 'net contributors'.

Craig Crowley MBE FRSA President, International Committee of Sports for the Deaf/Deaflympics (2009-2013)